The Enneagram & Kundalini Yoga on Lanzarote

Combine your relaxing time on Lanzarote with learning more about yourself and others


26.11.2022 bis 03.12.2022

The modell of ENNEAGRAM (Ennea= nine, gram=figure GREEK) provides 9 different descriptions of personalities. The 9 diffenrent ways of seeing the world cannot be decribed by character or behaviour. So it is not a 9 box system where you have to fit in at all! Rather the 9 differencies can be found in 9 diffenrent energies in your body that show a specific «life subject» in your life. You express  this «life subject» in your individual, unique way. To find your own structure will strenghten your identity and clarify some of your blindspots. All 9 aspects are found inside of you. But one of them is your homebase. To mindfully get to know each one of them gives you a sense of identity and unity.

You will learn how to step out of your patterns of self-sabotage. And you defenetly will learn how to prevent yourself from exhausting yourself over and over again!

You will learn the key to keep your life in balance. In a mindful practice you will balance your Enneagramm structures’s strenght and oposite pole. As you observe other participants Enneagramm structures go through that process, you will be able to understand others better. People can be so different! It will increase your empathy and tolerance for yourself and others.

The retreat will be held in the most beautiful and eco-concious villa amatista in the heart of the island:

Start: Nov 26 th 2022 6 pm dinner in villa amatista

End: Dec 3rd 2022 12 am

Workshop instructor: Johanna Wüthrich, Switzerland

Yoga teachers: professional Kundalini-Yoga teachers

Costs: 1’190 Euro includes: board (2 persons share a little cottage with its own kitchen and bathroom), all workshops, Yoga, breakfast, lunch (vegetarian, vegan).

not included: flight, car, dinner, private excursions or treatments

We will share 3-4 cars togehter at very low price; insurances,

If you live on the island and want to participate only in the workshops and Kundalini Yoga:

price: 380 Euros